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Quick Challenges To Test Your Training Intention

Have you ever been short for time and just wish you could get a quick workout in? Or maybe you want to challenge your workout partner and try something new. Well now you can. This week’s Training With Intention is all about five quick and challenging workouts you can do this week when time is short or for a fun finisher to end with a bang!

1st Challenge:


5-push-ups 5-pull-ups back and forth as many rounds as possible in five minutes. Can you get over 50 reps of each?

2nd Challenge:

5 Minutes of Burpees

Can’t get any more simple and straight forward than this. Can you do more than 50 burpees in 5 minutes?

3rd Challenge:

Lunge For Days (but really only 10 minutes)

Lunge for 10 minutes straight. Changing the weight every 2 minutes. Start with a heavy weight, then every 2 minutes drop to a lighter weight until you hit 10 minutes of straight lunges. The real challenge is not dropping the weight during the two minute blocks. Your grip will be taxed for sure.

4th Challenge:

Mile for Mile

Run 1 mile as fast as you can then do 20 push-ups, 15 squat jumps, and 10 pull ups, follow that up with another mile. Work to be within :30 seconds of your first mile. Every second over that, do 1 rep of each exercise (for example :10 seconds over equals 10 additional push-ups, squat jump and pull ups)

5th Challenge:

The Triad

Do these three exercises: Push Ups, Triceps Dips, and Pull Ups. Do as many reps of each rotating between all three for 15 minutes. How many total reps can you get to? Try to get over 150 reps and at least 50 reps of each exercise.

Now each one of these challenges seem simple to do. However, if you train with intention and do any one of these challenges with deliberate practice you will find they are massively difficult and well worth the effort. You will start to wonder why you take over an hour to do your regular routine.

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