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The Secret Of Getting More By Doing Less

We all want the easy path to success. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your career, your finances, or in your health and fitness. Doing as little as possible, while getting the best results is everyone’s desire. Though we might blame young millennials for having this mentality, the truth is, we all desire to get the most from doing as little as possible. It’s just human nature.

Now when it comes to health and fitness, doing as little as possible to get the results you want is not as hard as you think. You don’t even have to feel bad about doing it either. Its just being smarter, not working harder; as you should not confuse doing more as progress. Many times these are completely different.

And guess what you don’t even have to cheat or take some magic pill to do less and get more, you just need to understand the concept.

So before we dive in, I would like to ask you a question (you might even consider this a riddle)

If in 20 minutes you can get a nice tan, does staying out for 40 minutes get you an even better one?

One could argue, yes, but for the majority of us, the answer is no, it just will get you burnt. This is similar to why the FDA has minimal dose recommendations on medications like Advil and Tylenol. As the majority of people only need the minimal dose. So why don’t we take this concept to our health and fitness routines?

And so here lies the answer for wanting to have your cake and eat it too.

Train with intention! Train with deliberate practice! And create a routine you can stick with 90% of the time. Do your workouts, as lame as they may be some days, all the time and every time you have a session scheduled in your routine. No excuses!

It really comes down to that. If you are new to training or just getting back into it, don’t set up your expectations too high and expect to be motivated months down the road. Chances are you will be burnt out. Now, maybe you are a lucky one who can say they’re going to start a 3x a week routine and stick with it, however for 99.9% of us, we need to start slow and with something you 100% believe in. Because the truth is, it will be the consistency of your routine that will be the most important growth strategy for success. Not the idea that getting 12 workouts will make you progress any faster.

Don’t get me wrong, getting to the gym and working out 12 times in a month will definitely be better than four, however if getting your work out done stresses you out, it will be just a matter of time that your routine of hitting a work out 12 times in a month will dwindle down to none.

It is here, that creating a doable (key word here, DOABLE) routine week after week, will build a long-term investment of success. Something that will give you what you have always been looking for; consistent progression of results. This is the secret to follow a path of least resistance and getting more by doing less.

So change your mindset and get rid of all those ideas from the last few decades that have said you must workout 3-4 times a week, plus do cardio, plus revamp your nutrition, plus, plus, plus, to even start seeing results. This is just not the best way to approach your health and fitness.

The secret is not how much you do, but how YOU DO your work. Focus with intention and deliberate practice. By doing this, while working a routine that works for YOU, you’ll be surprised on how little you have to work out to start getting the results you have always wanted.

What routine do you follow? What do you feel is the best strategy for long term health and fitness? We would like to hear about it. Comment below!

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