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Tasty Alternative Bagel For You & Your Kids (with veggies too!)

Who doesn’t love a good bagel on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee? On top of that, what if you could make the same bagel for your kids?

One more thing.. what if you could get your kids to eat 3/4 cup of vegetables without even knowing it. Yeah, yeah I know what you are thinking. “I can’t trick my kid.. they will know it has veggies in it by the color of it.” Actually they won’t, and even more so, they won’t care when they taste this gem I found at Whole Foods last week!

Introducing my new favorite home for my eggs over easy: Daily Kneads Bagels.

I actually selected a few bagels in the frozen section to try. I was looking for a few things: lower carbs (for those looking for low carb options), higher protein, kid friendly and size of bagel. Size of bagel? Yeah, I hate when I buy an alternative food and the only reason why it’s an alternative because its half the size. If I am going to have a bagel, I want a regular size bagel like I would get at Dunkin. I taste tested each one as soon as I got home…I spit out all of them, except this one.

So apparently Daily Kneads has a variety of products including breads, wraps and crackers. If they are as good as these bagels are, sign me up! Anyways, here is my Foodie Review on the Daily Kneads Cauliflower bagel based on taste, nutrition and price. Here we go..


They have a variety of flavors, but I went straight for the one that looked most like a regular bagel. Mostly because I wanted to have our little guy taste test it because he is an extremely picky eater and if he likes it, its game on for all kids. The bagel is found in the freezer section which means it has wholesome ingredients that can go bad if left outside the freezer…good sign. I stuck it right in the toaster for 90 seconds and it toasted to perfection. I took a bite without adding anything and it tasted like a plain bagel. Next step, give it to the kid. I added a little butter because god forbid if he has it without. Few chomps and he gives me the thumbs up. He even asked to have the whole thing. Win! Texture of bagel is well, just like a bagel. Overall, I give the taste 5 out of 5. I’m excited to try the other bagel flavors such as red pepper, carrot and pumpkin.


Remember I said 3/4 cup veggies?? I wasn’t lying. Each bagel has 3/4 cup of real vegetables in it. In addition, the macros are pretty on point for a bagel. Now this wasn’t a lower carb option, but the carbs are definitely less than a typical bagel that has 50-60 grams. One bagel has 190 calories, 20% being protein and 80% carbs. It also only has 2 grams of fat which is great, however most bagels are low in fat because they are mostly carb dense. It is low on the sugar scale with only 4 grams per bagel. Sodium I was pretty impressed with at 300mg, especially when comparing them to other brands that had closer to double that. Added bonus, its vegan! Overall, I give the nutrition a 4.5/5. Want to know how you can make it a 5 out of 5? Add an egg and ¼ cup egg whites with ¼ cup low fat cheese to get the protein up closer to that 1:1 ratio.


I got this package at Whole Foods on sale for $2.99. Generally they sell for $4.99 per package for 5 bagels. $1.00 per bagel.. with veggies in it…I will take it! I’m bummed about the other $30 I spent in the other brands (will not name them) that were closer to $8 per package. You can purchase them on their website or most Whole Foods locations. They have a very informative website too which I love. Overall, I give the price a 5 out of 5. I can buy 6 packages of those bagels for the wasted money I spent on the other brands.

Overall, I think this is a great option for someone looking for a more nutrient dense bagel that will keep them satisfied and full. I also recommend it for those with kids that want to sneak in some vegetables without their kids knowing. Maybe just hide the bag that says cauliflower just incase!

Looking forward to trying some of the other products they offer!

Till next time.. nom nom nom.

Daily Kneads website:

...And no this is not a sponsored blog.. just a girl who loves her foodies;)

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