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L&A Trax Talks 1: The Principles of Success

Introducing L&A Trax Talks series one..

This series is unfiltered, unedited, raw and recorded over the series of ONE walk. It's just two entrepreneurs discussing and dissecting life. I mean, what else are we going to do when we have Covid?

Over 7 short (10-12 minutes) recordings, we talk about qualities of success in all areas of life, the psychological and physiological reasons why we do what we do, and thought provoking ideas to create action.

In this first recording, we hone in (with a few side trax- pun intended!) on the Principles of Success in relationships and really, life...

We start with the question- What characteristics do business partners need to possess to have a good business relationship?

Our topics..

  1. Growth Mindset

  2. How to Pivot

  3. Trust

  4. Communication

  5. Belief

  6. Having the same vision

  7. Accepting responsibility

  8. Reflection

Communication Tip: Ask your partner.. "what do you need from me?"

It will skip all the BS and wasted time going back and forth trying to prove one is right, when most of the time, you both are right in your own perspective. Put your pride away, try to hear out your partner whether you agree to disagree. Instead of focusing on how you can be right, focus on how you can understand each others perspectives. It will save you tons of time, headache and ultimately move you quicker along the path to success..

Listen along, tell us what you think!


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