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How To Create a Solid Foundation For Success

Have you ever had a period of time where you feel like you are on a roll? You think nothing can stop you from the path you are on. Then suddenly…BAM. Something unexpected smacks you in the face and you completely lose all that momentum. How can we stop this repetitive cycle from happen?

Today on Trending On The Trax, we are going to talk about creating a solid foundation for success. A foundation that will prevent you from the constant disappointment of feeling like you are starting from zero again.

Building a strong foundation allows us to have the right mindset so that when we trip and fall, we pick ourselves right up and get back on track. With this foundation, you are never starting over, you are just changing directions.

Building the foundation:

#1 You need to have a schedule

Yeah, I get it. You hear this all the time..but there is a damn good reason for it. No matter how annoying it may be, we all flourish on routine. Create your schedule 24 hours at a time. Include your workout time, what you are going to eat and the non-negotiable life tasks you have to get done. Write it down and commit to it. Simple to do, easy not to do. JUST DO IT.

#2 Consistency in action

Now that you have a schedule to follow, you have to create consistency in taking action. We hear it all the time. “I’m not motivated to do XYZ” It is extremely hard to self-motivate when there has been no action taken. The truth is, the only way to become motivated is to start taking consistent action. Consistency will always beat motivation. Rituals will define our success. Take motivation out of the equation to start. Focus on consistency in action and you will realize motivation will be the result and the factor that will keep you addicted to the process.

#3 Change your dialogue

Stop saying mean shit to yourself. If you are going to say negative things to yourself, let it be things that you can control and then put action to it. Here is the hard truth and one of my favorite lines “don’t complain about the results you didn’t get from the work you didn’t do”. You should not be allowed to complain about things you do nothing about! Change your self talk from complaint to action. Reflect on what it is you want, revise what you need to do to achieve that, and repeat what you are doing well. Remind yourself that you have the same opportunity as everyone else to be happy and healthy. You have control. Believe in yourself and respect yourself enough to change the things you can to live a better life.

#4 Surround yourself with accountability

Have a training partner. Work with a trainer. Sign up for a race or challenge. Give yourself a deadline where you need to show up. When we have external support and expectations, we are more likely to follow through. It’s hard to show up for yourself sometimes, so show up for others.

And just like that.. we are back to the CCA.. consistency, commitment and accountability. Build your solid foundation and you will always have a home base to rise back up.


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