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Addictions, Pain & Pleasure

On episode one we talk about the principles of success. In this episode we chat about what stops people from pursuing success. How addictions, avoiding pain and seeking pleasure are all contributing factors that stops us in our trek towards success.

Key Take Aways:

  • Addiction is powered by a lack of discipline that seeks over indulging pleasure and avoids pain (aka life)

  • Dopamine is our "feel good hormone" and a biological response to a survival mechanism. The problem is, we have created ways to get this response through poor habits and over indulging.

  • Pain first, then pleasure. We have to go through pain (challenges, hardships, pivots) to seek out pleasure (success, happiness)

  • Pain and pleasure are equal and you cant have one without the other....

Challenge = Pain = Growth = Happiness = Success = Your Best Life

  • Our brain is an adaption machine, train your mind & body through mental and physical challenges.

Get On The Right Trax Tip:

DO HARD SHIT. Sign up for a Spartan race and bring your mind and body to a place of pain. You will cross that finish line gaining confidence, resilience, motivation and appreciation which will lead to more success in your life to come.

Like Miley Cyrus says, "its not about whats waiting on the other side, its the climb." Climb that mountain and you will build the resilience and appreciation for whatever it is that you want to achieve that will continuously motivate you to keep moving forward and living your BEST life.

Till next time,


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